About Me

Welcome to The Sleepless Beauty, a lifestyle blog about everything. I started this blog so I could have an outlet for all of the thoughts that usually come to mind when I attempt to go to sleep. Suffering from anxiety and insomnia, it’s helpful for me to have a place to organize all of my thoughts. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy what I share here with you!

A little bit about me: Nashville

  • I’m Stacy
  • I’m 33 years old
  • Live in Little Falls, NJ
  • Randolph, NJ is my hometown
  • Live with Andy, fianc√©
  • Said yes on 5.7.18
  • Getting hitched on 10.12.19
  • Mom to Leo (turtle) abd Rick O’Shea (kitty)
  • Sister to Christian (human) and Molly (doggo)
  • Spend most of my time at Montclair State University

Throughout my career, I’ve worked in a few different fields:

  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Aesthetics (skin care/cosmetics)
  • Child care/teaching
  • Higher education

I’ll reference my work and school experience a lot on this blog. I’ve received some great educations specializing in each of these fields:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies w/ a focus in PR from Montclair State
  • Master’s Degree in Public and Organizational Relations from Montclair State
  • Professionally trained aesthetician
  • Teaching certificate to teach Elementary School (grades K-5) in NJ

Here’s a little bit more about me! Me and Raelynn

  • Craft beer and wine
  • Sports fan
  • Holiday enthusiast
  • Proud auntie
  • Nutrition and fitness

Thanks again for stopping by The Sleepless Beauty!